Wall Panell

Badger 6-12 System

High quality formwork made with the standard 6-12 hole pattern


Badger 8-8 System

High quality formwork made with the standard 8 inch hole pattern.


badger Precast Systems

High quality precast panels that come in either 8-8 or 6-12 hole pattern as needed.

Brick no background

Badger Brick

A crisp brick textured face gives this concrete a decorative look. The vertical waves in the texture help mask the panel seams in the concrete wall.

Universal Base Cap Aluminum Formwork Panel

Universal Base/Cap Form

The Universal Base/Cap Form is a versatile panel that can be used with either a 6-12 or 8-8 whole pattern system. It comes standard at 72" wide and in 12" and 24" heights. Filler widths in stock are in 2" increments for both heights. You can see it here under a standard 36" x 108" panel. Don't forget, just because we don't keep it in stock doesn't mean we can't make it for you special order.

Badger Lock white bkgrnd

Badger Lock

Badger Locks are a premium attached hardware for aluminum forms.  When used properly, Badger Locks increase setting speed while greatly reducing the amount of loose pins and wedges.

This premium attached hardware offers speed and labor savings for the life of the system.

concrete high rise cast with aluminum formwork

Shape concrete with Badger Forms

Whether it’s a high-rise tower, a single-family house, or a swimming pool you want to build, badger can make a formwork system to suit your needs.

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